Overall School Prize

This is how the Overall School Prize is calculated.

Points are awarded as per the position in each category, i.e. 1st = 1 point; 2nd = 2; 3rd = 3 etc. 

There is a Boys and Girls Category for each Race.

To qualify for the Overall School Prize a school must start runners in 3 different categories (allowing comprehensives, prep schools, sixth form colleges, single sex schools and all others to compete evenly). 

The school's best 4 positions are determined, regardless of category.  The points are determined from the positions and these are added together.  The lowest score wins.

In the event of a tie, then the team with the highest number of 1st places wins, then 2nd places and so on, e.g. if a Team A has (1, 2, 2, 4) = 9 and Team B has (2, 2, 2, 3) then Team A wins because of the 1st. 

The Overall School Prize is the FRA Cup, first presented in 2008 to Ermystead's, an all boys school.  Westholme, an all girls school took it in 2009.  Last year Sedbergh School managed to win their home race  Who will be next?